Combat & Aerobatic Flying Experience, Las Vegas


LOCATION: Henderson, NV


The ultimate air combat and aerobatic flying experience.

Get ready for the most extreme experience you could ever imagine as you get a taste of both real combat flying and awesome aerial aerobatics! You'll be at the controls as you fly high above the Nevada Desert and carry out a whole host of adrenaline pumping, heart thumping maneuvers that will test you and the state of the art aircraft to the absolute limit!

Absolutely no flying experience is needed and you'll have a real fighter pilot with you every step of the way as you head high into the clouds for the ultimate thrill seekers flight! It all kicks off with a real combat mission where you need to hunt down your prey - get them into your gun sights and blow them out of the sky! It's a fight to the death as you barrel roll out of the sun and line up your sights and let rip all guns blazing! It's an experience you'll never forget - but that's not all!

If you think flying a combat mission is hairy and scary, just wait until you get to push this baby to the absolute max and pull a whole host of hair raising stunts! You'll complete stomach churning rolls, spins, stalls and dives and take her low over some of the most spectacular scenery in the world!

This is indeed the ultimate flying experience and one you will quite simply never forget! So strap in, take off and prepare for the most thrilling flight of your life!

  • This experience is for one person
  • You fly the plane!
  • No flying experience required
  • 30 minutes of aerial dog-fighting
  • 20 minutes of aerial aerobatics
  • 50 minute safety and pre-flight briefing
  • Fly with real fighter pilots
  • Up to 3 Air Combat Engagements
  • Allow 5 hours for the whole experience
  • Complimentary limo to and from venue

This is the ultimate flying experience bar none. You get to take control of a state of the art aircraft and fly alongside real fighter pilots. The experience includes full combat type missions and aerobatics. Not for the feint hearted, fliers should be reasonably fit and not suffer from motion sickness. Pregnant women are not permitted to fly.

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