Circus Fitness School, Atlanta




Roll up, roll up for Atlanta’s one and only circus experience!

Roll up, roll up for Altanta's one and only circus experience! If you've ever wondered how it feels to walk along the tightwire or grace the trapeze, you'll love this unforgettable training session, under the guidance of qualified circus professionals.

Discover the art of being a circus entertainer at one of Atlanta's dedicated training centers and get a backdoor view of the world of circus acrobatics. This one-of-a-kind session, perfect for all levels and abilities, is designed to build a healthy body and agile mind while teaching you new skills along the way.

You'll explore a variety of equipment including Low Trapeze, Spanish Web, Tightwire and Juggling. Work at your own pace, in a social group environment, to acquire dazzling skills that will amaze your friends.

  • Fun packed 90 minute session
  • Focus on fitness, circus instruction and fun
  • Session tailored to all ages and abilities
  • Discover Low Trapeze, Spanish Web (soft climbing rope with tricks), Tightwire and Juggling.

Learn from passionate staff with up to 24 years training circus staff. The focus of the class is on fun and fitness in equal doses, while providing an insight into the techniques used be professional acrobats and circus entertainers.

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