Arrow Making Class, Santa Cruz


LOCATION: Santa Cruz, CA


Learn a Lost Art

Travel back in time to discover the secrets of a bygone era with this arrow making class held in the woods outside of Santa Cruz.  You'll learn to use your own two hands to create a primitive arrow from natural materials.

Your instructor for the day long class is one of the few people in North America who still hunts big game with handmade primitive arrows.  Learn to harvest a shaft, shape and arrowhead and fletch a vane.  Your finished product willl be a piece of art that's also strong, straight and ready to fly.

Wheter you're an outdoor enthusiast, history export or artist, this arrow making class gives you personalized experience with a dying skill.  Class size and availability are limited, so reserve your spot for this very special experience now.

  • Learn the Skills You Need to Make Primitive Arrows
  • Leave with a Beautiful, Functional Arrow Crafted by You
  • Step-by-Step Approach to Construction & Material Selection
  • Fully Insured & Permitted School
  • Class Size: 5-12 Students
  • Ages 16+ Only

Learn to make your own primitive arrows with this Santa Cruz class.  All major tools are included in the price of the class, but you may need to bring some basic files and sandpaper.  Class is held in the outdoors, so dress for a day in the woods.  Bring food, water and note taking supplies.

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