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    Half Day Rock Climbing Adventure, Joshua Tree


    LOCATION: Joshua Tree, CA



    Head out into the great outdoors.

    Whether you are a novice or a rock climbing fanatic, this exciting rock climbing adventure offers a variety of challenges and routes to create the ultimate outdoor experience. After a brief orientation by professional instructors, you will climb a real rock using the equipment provided. Forget about those fake walls at the local mall. Experience the great outdoors and learn the tricks that make a real rock climbing adventure so extraordinary when you book your half day rock climbing adventure today. 

    • All rock climbing equipment including harness, helmet, and climbing shoes are provided
    • Approximately 4 hours of rock climbing 
    • Professional instruction and services for all experience levels
    • Hundreds of challenges available in a variety of locations
    • Be sure to bring food and water to keep your energy levels up and to stay hydrated
    • An epic adventure for the whole family
    • Please note that the Joshua Tree National Park entrance fee is not included.

    This experience is available in Riverside, Los Angeles, Apple Valley, Joshua Tree and Big Bear.  The experience is suitable for all levels of climber from beginners to advanced.

    Booking for Group

    Paintball Experience, St Louis


    LOCATION: House Springs, MO



    Your Ultimate Paintball Adventure Awaits

    With six exciting paintball fields with various scenarios, a woods-ball field, and even a "king of the hill" field, you never know what to expect when you enjoy a paintball adventure at Adventure Valley. And if you're looking for the ultimate paintball experience that you won't find anywhere else, check out the exclusive zipline paintball experience -- it's the only one in the world! With two ziplines that soar over a premium playing field, you and your friends can shoot at each other on the ground or in the air. Grab a few of your friends, and let the adventures begin!

    • Includes rental gun, goggles, free air re-fill, and 1 bag of paint (500 rounds) 
    • Exclusive zipline paintball experience available
    • Unique playing fields with varying scenarios
    • Field paint only park (no outside paint allowed)
    • Available for paintballers ages 12 and up
    Booking for Group

    Zipline Tour, St Louis


    LOCATION: House Springs, MO



    Zip Through the Sky at Adventure Valley

    The ziplines are open and it's your turn to glide. Soar through a breathtakingly beautiful wooded ridge at speeds of approximately 50 mph and enjoy the ultimate zipline experience. Professional guides are here to ensure that you explore this exciting adventure safely, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride of your life. With more than a mile of ziplines, this adventure could prove to bring some of the most memorable moments imaginable. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early for orientation and harnessing.

    • The only zipline canopy tour located just 30 minutes from the St. Louis metro area
    • Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes
    • More than a mile of zipline excitement
    • Soar at speeds of approximately 50 mph
    Booking for Group

    Bass Masterclass


    LOCATION: Multiple



    Learn to Play Bass From the Pros

    With a one-on-one session with one of the top bassists in America, your musical dreams can finally come to life! These top-level professionals have performed with stars like Prince, Chick Corea, and R. Kelly, and they're ready to share their skills with you.  Artists include:

    • Bobby Vega (worked with Tower of Power, Sly Stone)
    • Nik West (worked with Prince)
    • Sharay Reed (worked with R Kelly, Aritha Franklin)

    No matter your musical background, a bass lesson with one of these A-listers will help you find an even deeper appreciation of music. Whether you're a professional or you're picking up a bass for the first time in years, this exceptional opportunity is sure to take your skills to the next level.

    • A live, one-on-one video streaming session is included in the purchase.
    • Sessions last 1 hour
    • High bandwidth Ethernet connections ensure reliable streaming.
    • You'll have the opportunity to discuss your background and goals ahead of time to ensure a lesson that gets you closer to your personal ambitions.
    Booking for Group

    Drums Masterclass


    LOCATION: Multiple



    Master the Drums with a Lesson From a Top Artist

    Whether you are a beginning drummer, an enthusiastic intermediate, or you've spent a lifetime getting your rhythm, there is no time like the present to experience a live one-on-one lesson with one of the world's greatest drummers!  Choose from a family of fantastic musicians that are some of the best on the planet, and they bring them straight to your living room via a high-speed internet connection. If you have a passion for the drums, the Master Drums Class is the experience of a lifetime.  Artists include:

    • George 'Spanky' McCurdy (worked with Lady Gaga, Lauryn Hill)
    • Jamiel Blake (worked with Sam Smith)
    • Stanley Randolph (worked with Stevie Wonder)
    • Charles Streeter (worked with Tori Kelly, The Jacksons)
    • Eric Moore II (Suicidal Tendencies)
    • Learn the drums from amazing musicians like Jimmy Cobb, Jabo Starks, Eric Moore II, George "Spanky" McCurdy, Charles Streeter, Stanley Randolph and Jamiel Blake.
    • Sessions last 1 hour
    • All skill levels are welcome.
    • Message your instructor before your lesson to enhance your experience.
    Booking for Group

    Guitar Masterclass


    LOCATION: Multiple



    Take Your Musicianship to the Next Level

    We've all imagined stepping onstage as a star guitarist, bringing amazing music to our thrilled audiences. Whether you're picking up a guitar for the first time or you're a professional working to refine your skills, bring those musical dreams to life with a private session with one of the best guitarists in the music industry!  Artists include:

    • Jennifer Batten (worked with Michael Jackson)
    • Chris Ketley (worked with Ellie Goulding)
    • Monte Pittman (worked with Madonna)
    • David Lee Marks (founding member of The Beach Boys)

    You'll get a live, one-on-one streaming lesson with one of the top musicians in the industry. The pros that worked with Michael Jackson and Madonna are just the beginning of the names on the roster of teachers. No matter your experience or goals, these industry professionals can help you realize your musical dreams.

    • Included in purchase: one live, one-on-one video streaming session.
    • Sessions last 1 hour
    • You'll get the chance to discuss your personal goals with the best coaches working today!
    • High bandwidth Ethernet connections ensure reliable streaming.
    Booking for Group

    Design Your Own Yoga Mat


    LOCATION: Multiple



    Instead of following the masses, you can now create a unique yoga mat design that perfectly fits your personality.

    There is a simple-to-follow online process. First, choose a base mat. Second, add text and images either from the preloaded artist content or directly from your computer. Each element is completely customizable and a live preview will show each change you make. You can even view your mat in 3D.

    Add the design to your cart and the team will get to work with your creation. Your gear will then be packaged and shipped straight to your door. All that's left is to stand out at the gym.

    • Simple, step-by-step design process
    • Upload designs from your computer
    • Preview live changes
    • Delivered right to your door
    Booking for Group

    Design Your Own Snowboard


    LOCATION: Multiple



    You’re a unique individual who stands out in a crowd, so why would you want your surfboard to look like the rest?

    What do you love about snowboarding? The freedom? The skill? The great outdoors? Whatever it is, why not immortalize your passion by designing your own snowboard? Take your favorite things about your thrilling hobby and incorporate them into this custom piece!

    It'd be a pretty cool object to hang on a wall, but let's face it - you've gotta hit the slopes? Don't worry, these handmade boards are the real deal. This snowboard design session also makes for a great Christmas experience gift idea for the snowboard enthusiast in your life!

    • Price includes a selection of different style snowboards
    • Choose a template design or upload your own image
    • Boards are handmade for the best quality and durability
    • Your board will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door in 4 weeks
    Booking for Group

    Design Your Own Surfboard


    LOCATION: Nationwide,



    Be unique and stand out from the crowd...

    You’re a unique individual who stands out in a crowd, so why would you want your surfboard to look like the rest? A personally designed surfboard will showcase your creativity while you carve the waves at your favorite beach.

    It all starts with your imagination. Choose from designs created by talented artists or create your own. Whether it’s a bold black and white graphic cutting across the waves or an explosion of tropical flowers under your feet, choosing the perfect artwork to express your surf style is finally possible!

    • Price includes a selection of different style surf boards
    • Choose a template design or upload your own image
    • Boards are handmade for the best quality and durability
    • Your board will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door in 4 weeks
    Booking for Group

    Side By Side Ride Along, Michigan International Speedway


    LOCATION: Brooklyn, MI


    Wheel to wheel stock car duel

    Experience the ultimate duel to the checkered flag as you ride shotgun in a real race proven stock car. Beside you your professional racing driver is firing the mighty V8 engine into life before he unleashes 500 horsepower off the start line!

    Your opponent is so close as you hit the first bank, you can almost touch him and the outside world will be a total blur as these two warriors of the track battle it out for pole position. This is real racing and you'll be getting a front seat view of all the racing action.

    Feel the need for speed? You've got it and then some!


    • Ride shotgun for 5 high speed laps around Michigan International Speedway
    • Go wheel to wheel with another racing driver
    • Cars previously used in the NASCAR Nextel Cup
    • Minimum age 14 years

    This is the best way to experience the racetrack as your driver, an experienced racing veteran, races at high speed, just inches away from another driver. You will get a real taste for a race scenario as they battle for pole position, speeding down the straights and swooping into the turns.

    Race cars do not have doors.  All riders must have must have the ability to climb through a 15" high by 28" wide window that sits 35" from the ground.  Must be at least 5' tall and maximum height is 6'4".  Waist and chest can be no bigger than 52".  Models include the Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger.


    Booking for Group
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