chocolate tour portland culinary tour portland guided culinary tour portland

Old Port Chocolate Tour, Portland


LOCATION: Portland, ME



chocolate tour portland culinary tour portland guided culinary tour portland

Perfect for sweet-toothed connoisseurs

Chocolate lovers of all ages will adore this decadent walking tour, exploring the chocolatiers and boutiques of Portland's historic Old Port.

Give your taste buds a treat as you explore this exciting neighborhood as never before in the company of an expert guide. Stroll through historic streets that are bristling with life and colors as you discover exquisite fine chocolate tastings that are guaranteed to satisfy your inner choc-a-holic!

Portland is home to some real dessert and chocolate maestros and you'll explore the unique tastes of locally made chocolate and sweet bites at 6 different locations. Learn about the health benefits and history of the cocoa bean as you taste artisan truffles, confections, ice cream, baked goods and fudge. Sit down to enjoy chocolate cupcakes and finish your walk at a beautiful gathering spot where you can soak up the sights while sipping a chocolate martini!

This enjoyable and informative two hour tour will satisfy the cravings of every sweet-toothed connoisseur and is perfect for both residents and newcomers.

  • Fun and informative two hour tasting tour with a dedicated guide
  • Go behind the scenes at boutique shops and bakeries
  • Taste unique chocolate and sweet creations from true craftsmen
  • All ages welcome (an alternative to chocolate martini will be offered to under 18s.)

Chocolate lovers of all ages will be in heaven with this amazing culinary tour that showcases some of the Old Port's most celebrated chocolatiers and cafes. You'll make lots of exciting stops along the way and discover things you never knew about the city as well as the history of chocolate, how chocolate it is made and of course, how it is best enjoyed!

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