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Culinary Tour, Saratoga Springs

From $43

LOCATION: Saratoga Springs, NY


Explore a bustling foodie mecca

Savor the flavors of Saratoga Springs on a culinary and cultural tour showcasing unique, fresh local cuisine, created by the area's finest food artisans.

Learn what makes Saratoga so special on a delicious voyage of discovery that combines distinct local flavors with a dash of history. Start at the famous Saratoga Farmers market and experience mouth-watering cheeses, tapenades and home-made jams, hand-crafted by the area's finest artisans. You'll also discover the inside history of Saratoga and learn about its bustling farm community.

Next up, it's time to stroll up Broadway where you'll enjoy some tasty gourmet bites at a selection of excellent speciality food shops. Along the way you'll learn about the culture, history and architecture of one of New York State's most interesting cities as well as meeting the foodie entrepreneurs who devote their life to their craft.

This is the ultimate way to discover the celebrated Spa City and is a dream come true for foodies of all ages.

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