learn to surf surfing lesson surf school surf clinic

Surf Lesson, Fort Pierce


LOCATION: Fort Pierce, FL



learn to surf surfing lesson surf school surf clinic

Harness one of Nature's most powerful forces

Discover the art of surfing and learn to catch that perfect wave. If you've ever wanted to learn to surf or just want to improve your technique, enjoy a sizzling stint at surf school under the guidance of expert instructors. Have fun and discover life-long skills that will forever change your experience of going to the beach as you are instructed in water safety, surfboard handling, paddling, training, popping up and riding. You'll be amazed at how you gain in confidence and ability and will never forget the moment when you're finally standing on that board, gliding over the ocean waves.

Enjoy a surfing lesson to remember in breathtaking coastal Florida and gain an insight into one of the purest extreme sports known to Man.

  • Three whole hours of instruction
  • All wetsuits, equipment and tuition included
  • Make friends with like-minded people
  • Competent swimmers only
  • Suitable for anyone aged 5 and over

This fantastic surfing lesson can be tailored for your skill level and is suitable for beginners and more advanced surfers. Spectators are welcome to come and watch from the shore. Lessons are conducted in groups which means you'll make new friends while learning a new sport. Ratios never exceed one instructor to five participants.

This experience takes place on the first and third saturday of each month.

  • Introduction to instructor
  • Wetsuits fitted
  • Technical practise on shore
  • Practical instruction on the water

This three hour clinic comprises of a mixture of on-shore practise and instruction in the water. During the day, you will be divided into smaller groups according to your ability level.

Booking for Group
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