tall ship sailing new york classic boat sailing new york sail the harbour manhattan

New York Harbor Tall Ship Experience - Adult


LOCATION: Manhattan, NY



tall ship sailing new york classic boat sailing new york sail the harbour manhattan

A breathtaking tall ship tour

Get ready to drop canvas and leave Manhattan behind as you experience the magic and adventure of sailing on a tall ship.

Take a step back in time on New York’s only tall ship and enjoy unparalleled views of the city’s celebrated skyline and more. See the Statue of Liberty from a breathtaking new perspective and enjoy an unbeatable vantage point on the city’s world famous harbor.

From her spacious main deck or raised quarter deck, ‘Clipper City’ provides the ultimate venue for a tallship sightseeing tour that will live in the memory forever.

  • Unique opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing on a tall ship
  • 185 feet long with masts and rigging up to 120 feet
  • New York’s largest sailing vessel
  • 90 min sightseeing tour showcasing amazing views of New York and the harbor

A replica of the lumber-hauling schooners that drove America’s industry more than a century ago, ‘Clipper City’ was built in the mid-1980s using plans purchased from the Smithsonian.

With its sweeping deck, full bar, and a diverse sail plan, this majestic ship and its attentive crew sail daily providing guests with a unique way to see Manhattan.

Enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and Ellis Island as never before.

This tall ship experience takes place April through October.

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