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Jet Boat Tour, Niagara - Child


LOCATION: Lewiston, NY



jet boat tour niagara niagara jet boat tours jet boat ride niagara

Experience the adrenaline rush!

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride as you discover one of nature's most breath-taking natural phenomenon. See the mighty Niagara River as never before as you navigate class 5 rapids on the world's most popular jet boating tour. Spectacular natural scenery and the thrill of jet boating combine to create an unparalleled white water adventure showcasing the Niagara River's legendary whirlpool as never before.

Immerse yourself in a dramatic landscape carved over 12,000 years and discover the astonishing swirling vortex that is created as the water from the Great Lakes drops over 350 feet on its journey to Lake Ontario.

Think you've got what it takes to take the ultimate jet boating tour? Find out what your made of on a white water ride to remember!

  • Experience the class 5 rapids of the Niagara River as never before
  • Discover world famous landmarks including the legendary whirlpool and Devil’s Hole Rapids
  • Fun packed tour showcasing exciting 360 turns and informative commentary
  • Getting soaked is all part of the fun!
  • You must be aged 13 years or over and measure more than 44"
  • Passengers under the age of 16 must travel with someone 18 or older

The Niagara River is a spectacular natural playgound that is formed as the water from the Great Lakes (about 20% of the world’s fresh water) drops off over 350 feet in elevation as it connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. After the water goes over Niagara Falls, a spectacular 7 mile long canyon gorge has been cut out of the escarpment by the turbulent currents. The towering waves and swirling cross-currents within the gorge provide a natural “playing field” for simply the world’s most popular white-water boat tour.

This experience is available throughout the year. Tours take place daily at regular intervals.

You will need to arrive at the departure location at least 45 minutes prior to your departure time to facilitate the check-in and pre-trip safety orientation.

You can commemorate your experience with an HD video featuring the highlights of your jet boating adventure.

On every trip, a photo or your group will be taken as well as fantastic video clips which can be purchased at the store following your trip.

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