greenville history tour history tour greenville guided tour greenville

Historical West End Walking Tour, Greenville


LOCATION: Greenville, SC



greenville history tour history tour greenville guided tour greenville

Take a step back in time

Let your imagination wonder in the company of storyteller and expert historian, John Nolan as Greenville's rich, colorful history literally comes to life around you. 

On this historic West End Walking tour, you'll be immersed in a bygone era as you wonder past landmarks and through historical back alleys, listening to exciting anecdotes along the way. Immensely good fun and filled to the brim with facts and stories, this informative tour will take you back in time to the very birthplace of Greenville, Falls Park.

Stand at the site of the mesmerizing 40-foot natural waterfall and picture how it must have cast a spell on the first colonial settler in the same way that it enchants visitors today. From the stunningly beautiful Falls Park area, you'll visit the Liberty Bridge for a bird's-eye view of the Reedy River waterfall and stroll along winding paths of gardens and rockscaping up to the modern Riverplace complex at the heart of the city. Many historic photos will also be shown along the way.

If you think you know Greenville, think again. This is the city's ultimate walking tour and is guaranteed to cast a new and exciting light on Greenville.

  • Discover Greenville's fascinating history
  • Learn from the city's leading historian, John M Nolan
  • 60 minute tour of the West End's landmarks and highlights
  • Visit sites including Falls Park, the 1882 Huguenot Mill, the statue of Shoeless Joe Jackson and more
  • See rare and unique photographs, dating back to Greenville's origins

A combination of sightseeing and learning, this walking tour of Greenville brings the city's history to life as never before. Whether you call the city your home or you're new to the area, this is the perfect excuse to discover a new side to Greenville you never knew existed.

Tours take place on pre-selected Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 4:30pm.

This historic walking tour will give you a thorough overview of the development and history pertaining to the West End portion of the city. Since much of the city's early history centers around the waterfall in the West End, this tour gives a sweeping history of the city's earliest settlement but also touches on recent major developments along the Riverplace area. Historic buildings, 19th century ruins, statues of famous Greenvillians, and also some of Greenville's modern achievements will be covered on this tour.

Highlights of sites on the tour include:

- The Ruins of an 1816 grist mill built by the "Father of Greenville", Vardry McBee

- The 1882 Huguenot Mill - learn how Greenville became the "Textile Center of the World"

- The 1857 Gower, Cox and Markley Carriage factory building, once the largest carriage company in the South

- Riverplace - stroll the river walk while learning about the beautiful complex of fine restaurants, shopping, condos, open artist studios, and more overlooking the Reedy River that has sparked a revitalization of the Historic West End

- The bronze memorial to Charles Townes, a Greenvillian who became the inventor of the laser

- The statue of "Shoeless Joe Jackson" - learn about the fascinating rise and fall of one of the greatest baseball players in history

Vintage photographs depicting Greenville scenes and buildings will be shown throughout the tour to give you insights into how the city has changed and developed. 

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