cincinnati culinary tour gourmet tour cincinnati culinary tour cincinnati

Culinary and History Tour for Two, Cincinnati


LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH



cincinnati culinary tour gourmet tour cincinnati culinary tour cincinnati

Explore the tastes of the Queen City

Enjoy a delicious walk through Cincinnati's rich culinary tradition of unique restaurants, dishes, and flavors. 

Discover the city's Downtown district one mouth-watering bite at a time as you visit local restaurants and meet the owners and entrepreneurs whose passion for food will inspire and amaze you.  Give your taste buds a treat as you savor Cincinnati's world-famous chili, quaint diners, mouth-watering entrees, and the finest desserts in the Queen City.

You'll go directly into downtown Cincinnati restaurants and enjoy bite-sized portions of the signature dishes from each establishment. Along the way, you'll explore the city and learn about its local history and businesses.  

This is a taste of Cincinnati like you've never experienced and is perfect for newcomers to the city as well as seasoned veterans.

  • Discover Cincinnati's dining scene as never before on a 3 hour guided tour
  • Savor incredible cuisine from the city's most celebrated eateries
  • Tastings include authentic chili, crepes, ice cream, soulful soup and exquisite pastries
  • Includes a craft beer tasting 
  • Suitable for locals and tourists alike
  • Must be aged 21 or over

Indulge your inner connoisseur while gaining a whole new perspective on Cincinnati. This is a 3 hour experience showcasing the neighborhood's most celebrated eateries. Be prepared to eat well and have a whole lot of fun!

Tours take place on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year at 1 p.m.  Tours are unavailable from January 1st through March 31st.  

You'll visit a number of unique venues, highlighting Cincinnati's culinary culture and history as never before. Venues visited on the day include:

Tyler Davidson Fountain: Tyler Davidson Fountain was dedicated in 1871 and is the center piece of Fountain Square. A gift from Henry Probasco in memory of his brother-in-law, the fountain was given to the city and is now a focal point for ceremonies, concerts, food, beer, and fireworks.  The fountain is most familiar to non-Cincinnati residents for being in the opening credits for the television series WKRP in Cincinnati.

Carew Tower: Carew Tower is the tallest building in Cincinnati (until completed in 2011 when the Great American Insurance Tower is 86 feet higher). Construction began September of 1929; one month before the stock market crash that triggered the Great depression. Total cost of the building was $33 million and took crews only 13 months to build working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The former lobby of the hotel (now the restaurant) is described as the "finest example of French Art Deco architecture in the world."

Hathaways: Hathaways opened in 1956 and is the oldest running diner in Cincinnati. When it opened, there were no shopping malls so it was a big hit during those early years when shopping was all about coming downtown. They have two waitresses with over 30 years each and one cook with 43 years working at Hathaway's

Nicholsons: The owner, Nick Sanders, made many visits to Scotland where his relatives originated to locate the perfect Scottish bar and the "holy grail" of beer. After many tastings and visiting countless pubs across Scotland, he found a brewery in Bel Haven that produced some of the great beers that are now on tap. All their beers are hand pumped and dispensed in the European tradition. Nicholson’s offers over 35 different beers and 135 different types of scotch and whiskey.

Skyline Chilli: Cincinnati had a large influx of Greek immigrants during the late 40's and early 50's. Because of this, many of the Chili restaurants in Cincinnati had Greek influences. Skyline chili opened its doors in 1949 as a single chili parlor on Glenway Ave. overlooking the Cincinnati skyline, and thus the name Skyline Chili was created.

Graeter’s Ice Cream: Graeter's was started in 1870 by a German immigrant and is now operated by a fourth generation of the Graeter family. The secret of their delicious ice cream is the 5 gallon "French Pots" that give the ice cream a high density with a low percentage of air. A pint a Graeters ice cream weighs in at a pound compared to 8 ounces of other high quality ice cream brands.

It’s Just Crepes: Welcome to It's Just Crepes, the home of the crepe you eat with your hands! Be a part of your crepe making experience as you watch your meal made right in front of your eyes! Never processed, always fresh...isn't that the way food should be?

Via Vite: Via Vite is a contemporary Italian bistro located on Fountain Square offering a creative twist on classic Italian dishes. They also offer exclusive gelato flavors made by Madisono's at Findlay Market. The two level outdoor terrace overlooking the square is a perfect spot to truly take in the sights, sounds, and Flavors of the Queen City.

Tom & Chee: Tom & Chee takes you back to a time when a hot bowl of tomato soup and the dripping splendor of a grilled cheese sandwich could erase the cares of the world. What began in a Fountain Square tent is now a full-service restaurant with good-for-the-soul tomato soup, grilled cheese, and delicious variations on many of mom's old favorites.

Servati: Since the late 1800's the Servatii Family has been preparing fresh baked goods. Great Grandfather George started out in Muenster, Germany driving a horse drawn wagon door to door selling his fresh baked goods. His son, George attended Germany's most recognizable baking school and received his "Konditor Meister" status – Master Pastry Chef.

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