perfume workshop new york perfume workshop experience new york signature perfume experience

Perfume Workshop for One, New York





perfume workshop new york perfume workshop experience new york signature perfume experience

A fragrance created just for you

Explore, discover and experience the exquisite perfume blends that make up the entire fragrance category then create your very own signature perfume, under the guidance of a world-acclaimed perfume expert.

Your sense of smell is your strongest sense after sight and a fragrance can trigger a memory and even an emotion. This is your chance to create your own custom scent as you enjoy a brief overview of the history and sensory aspects of perfume. 

Get ready to awaken your senses as you enjoy a creative, interactive and informative session that will take you on a fragrance journey to remember. Explore and evaluate 18 different blends spanning the entire range of the fragrance category including citrus, spices, florals, musks, woods, balsamics and mossy notes to name a few. You'll then select from a range of exquisite perfume blends as you design your very own signature fragrance. Your 'formula' is then decanted into a designer-color purse sprays and you'll even have the opportunity to name your own brand!

  • Interactive and enjoyable 60 minute session
  • Create a perfume that is entirely unique to you
  • Explore the entire fragrance category from florals to spices
  • Learn about the history of perfume and perfume making process
  • Work under the guidance of a world-renowned perfume expert
  • Suitable for anyone aged 12 and over

Work with Sue Phillips, a globally, recognized expert on fragrance who has worked behind the scenes on the launch of some major perfume brands.  Your secret formula is stored on file for ease of reordering.

This experience takes place on regular evenings and weekdays throughout the year.

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