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Falconry Experience, White Sulphur Springs - Child


LOCATION: White Sulphur Springs, WV



falconry experience gift bird of prey experience falconry experience falconry experience

Feel the thrill of working with majestic birds of prey

Get an up close and personal look at some of the most amazing birds of prey on the planet with this inspirational lesson in falconry.

Discover the artistry and skill of this most ancient sport and learn about the extraordinary ability of a wide variety of beautiful and captivating birds of prey. Find out about the predatory habits of eagles, owls, hawks and falcons and watch them in glorious action as they fly through open countryside and back to the fist.

During your adventure, you'll have the unique chance to witness how trained Harris Hawks actually seek out their prey in a dazzling display, showcasing their sharp hunting skills. You'll also got to hold a trained Saker Falcon on the glove.

  • 1 hour class
  • Exposure to the ancient sport of Falconry
  • Interact with a variety of birds of prey
  • Hold a trained Saker Falcon
  • Watch a live simulated scenario of the Harris Hawk hunting
  • Students must be aged between 5 and 15 years old

In this beginner’s lesson, you have an opportunity to interact with a variety of captive-bred, trained birds of prey. At the flying grounds, you can watch as hawks fly free and get an up-close look at several endangered species, including several hawks, falcons and owls. You will also enjoy the engaging commentary on the history of falconry.

Falconry experiences are available throughout the year:

From Monday to Saturday

11am, 1.30pm and 3.00pm

Itinerary: (Please allow an hour and a half for the whole experience)

- Discussion about several types of predatory birds, eagles, owls, hawks and falcons

- See the hawks flying freely around and back to fist while learning the different step of training a bird

- Watch a simulated hunting scenario with the Harris Hawks

- Concluding with an opportunity to put on a glove and hold a trained Saker Falcon.

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