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Golf Lesson with Revolutionary Robotic Swing Trainer, Chicago





Chicago's hottest new golf experience

Raise your golf game at Chicago’s newest indoor golf facility as you experience the all new Revolutionary Robotic Swing Trainer, an incredible teaching tool that’s set to change the way that people learn golf.

This is your chance to learn how to achieve the perfect swing using an innovative golf robot that will allow you to experience exactly how it feels like to swing like a pro. You’ll carry out the same movements as a pro golfer as you are guided by a high tech robot arm that allows you to quickly develop muscle memory with no margin for error. Training that would usually take months can be completed in a matter of hours, as your body directly learns the correct swing technique from start to finish with the aid of your TourBound Golf Professional.

Your lesson takes place at an all new urban golf escape, featuring state-of-the-art PGA tour simulators, fully loaded with immerse technology.  Allowing you to play at over 50 of the world's greatest courses without ever leaving the Loop, this technology combines complex mathematics and physics to fully simulate lift and drag coefficients, spin decay, the effects of wind currents and more to accurately reproduce an outdoor golf experience.

Whether you’re new to golf or a more experienced golfer looking to reach the next level, this is Chicago’s ultimate golf lesson and is perfect for all ages and abilities.

  • 1 hour 50 min lesson using the revolutionary new golf robot
  • Improve your swing in record time using cutting edge technology
  • Lesson takes place in a new, state of the art indoor golf facility
  • Experience PGA Tour simulators with fully immersive technology
  • Suitable for all levels and abilities

Work with expert golf professionals to raise your game on an all new golf adventure in Chicago city. Lessons are catered to your needs and conducted at your pace

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