photography lessons washington washington photo safari photo safari washington

Half Day Photography Safari, Washington


LOCATION: Washington, DC



photography lessons washington washington photo safari photo safari washington

A photography lesson with a difference

Learn the art of photography from a professional tutor and enjoy an informative voyage of discovery showcasing Washington DC’s famous landmarks as never before.

Whether you’re a keen photographer, a complete novice or even just an amateur cell phone camerist, you’ll enjoy this unforgettable tour of the nation’s capital in the company of a professional photographer. You’ll discover extensive tips on image composition and design, proper exposure and lighting as well as posing “models” to the best effect.

Learning from a Paris-trained leading Washington photographer, you’ll visit some of the capital’s most popular monuments and historic buildings including the White House, Lafayette Park, the Albert Einstein, Lincoln Korea, Vietnam Three Servicemen Memorials before concluding your morning at Union Station where you’ll learn how to make the moving people in the station disappear!

Whether you’re new to Washington or have lived in the city all your life, this inspirational tour will teach you all the skills you need to become a better photographer.

  • Half day walking tour in the company of a leading photographer
  • Photograph Washington’s most famous landmarks
  • Visit secret ‘hidden gem’ photographic locations
  • Learn expert techniques from composition to lighting
  • No experience necessary
  • Learn in small groups of 6-10 people

From beginners to advanced amateurs, any photographer will have a great learning experience.  Safaris are conducted by Paris-trained architectural photographer E. David Luria. You will need to bring your camera and can also bring any lenses or manuals in your possession. Transportation is included in your package.

Tours meet outside of Renwick Gallery, 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

This is a half day tour beginning at 9.40am and finishing at 1.15pm. 

You’ll begin your safari with a 45-minute travel photography orientation, giving you tips in basic architectural photography and outdoor portraiture,

While you are taking pictures, you’ll receive hands-on guidance on how to make your images even better.

- Topics covered on the day include

- Holding the camera for maximum picture sharpness;

- Using selective focus to determine the subject of each picture using focus hold;

- Take the mystery out of F stops and shutter speeds

- Framing your subject using available flowers, trees, bushes and doorways;

- Keep your vertical lines as straight as possible for professional photos;

- Fooling your camera’s meter, using exposure lock, so that it gives you the - correct reading when facing backlit subjects or dark-colored subjects;

- Taking pleasing outdoor portraits in bright sunshine and in shade;

- Posing people you do know in front of famous landmarks and monuments;

- Taking pictures of people you do not know;

- Making moving cars and people disappear or turn into ghosts

- Using the fill-flash and cancel-flash features of your camera;

- Taking pictures inside of large interior spaces, like train stations, churches and museums, without using a flash or tripod;

- Taking close-up pictures of flowers and statues;

- Deciding when to use black and white  vs. color;

- Putting strong composition lines and balance into your pictures;

- Controlling depth-of-field with aperture priority settings

- Using the other doodads on your camera you were afraid to try, such as white balance, exposure compensation, and shooting on the scary Manual setting!

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