nascar driving experience at richmond international raceway nascar experience at richmond international raceway stock car driving experience nascar drive day

50 Lap Stock Car Experience, Richmond International Raceway


LOCATION: Richmond, VA



nascar driving experience at richmond international raceway nascar experience at richmond international raceway stock car driving experience nascar drive day

The Complete Stock Car Driving Experience

More track time means more racing laps and that can only mean one thing - more speed! This is a full day driving a highly tuned stock car at a track used on the NASCAR circuit, and this is as fast and as authentic as stock car driving experiences can get.

As soon as you arrive at the fabled Richmond International Raceway, you'll be immersed in the world of the professional stock car racing driver. Once decked out in authentic racing gear, it's pit-side for the all important pre-race meeting. Here, experts will give you all the tools you'll need to handle a whole day of edge-of-the-seat driving. From safety procedures, radio commands, fast starts and of course, high speed passing, you'll need to concentrate to soak it all up!

Then, you're behind the wheel of a real, race proven stock car with your adrenaline levels rising. Before you even fire that baby up, you can feel the 500 horsepower engine straining to be released. The roar is deafening and the outside world a blur, but your mind is focused on just one thing - the fastest lap! As your laps increase, your lap times decrease and you'll be pushing yourself and the car to the limit.

With a whole host of racing scenarios throughout the day, this is the ultimate stock car driving experience on the market - bar none!

  • Full day of adrenaline-fueled racing
  • 50 high speed laps on Richmond International Raceway
  • Cars previously used in NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide series
  • No lead car and wide open passing format
  • 500+ horsepower race primed stock cars
  • No experience required

Hear the V8 engine roar as you power around Richmond International Speedway and get a taste of what it is like to be a NASCAR racing driver. Feel the excitement of sitting behind the wheel and passing the other drivers on the track. All cars are actual race cars previously used in NASCAR Sprint Cup,  NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, NASCAR Nationwide Series, or Dodge Weekly Racing Series.

Drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's license. All racing suits, helmets and safety equipment are provided.

This stock car racing event takes place on pre-selected dates throughout the year however the upcoming dates have not yet been published.

While waiting for new dates to be announced, why not make someone's day with a gift certificate? Your gift recipient can choose their own date once the new schedule is available.


- Arrival at Richmond International Raceway

- 60 minutes classroom instruction

- Get suited up into your racing gear

- Narrated van ride around the track to show you the racing line

- 3 drill practice laps to get you and the car warmed up

- 50 actual Race laps divided into three sessions

- Between sessions work with your instructor, talk to the crew and observe other drivers

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