40 Mile Stock Car Experience, Pocono Raceway





Roar around the track in a real stock car

You'll be smiling all the way to the checkered flag with this amazing stock car driving experience that puts you in full control of a race primed lean machine, capable of speeds up to 160 mph. Feel the thrill of controlling an authentic stock car for 16 laps at the fabled Pocono Raceway, famous for it's legendary straight-aways and corners.

This incredible experience begins with an in depth drivers meeting, where senior instructors will give you all the racing theory you'll need to get your speeds up and lap times down. Then it's time for the moment you've been waiting for as you slide behind the wheel of a 600 hp monster of the track. Can you hold the perfect racing line - and your nerve - as the mighty V8 engine roars around this super slick track?

With racing divided into sessions, you'll receive lots of advice from your pit crew along the way, helping you to gain in confidence and ability on the day.

  • You’re behind the wheel of a 600 hp race primed stock car
  • 3-4 hour session length including 16 laps of the track 
  • Reach incredible speeds of up to 160 mph
  • Experience at first hand Pocono’s legendary 2.5 mile tri oval super speedway
  • Car models used are Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Dodge.
  • Must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid driver’s license
  • Maximum height is 6’4” and weight limit is 300 lbs

This is your chance to drive a real stock car, exactly like those driven by the pros on Sunday, at the super slick Pocono Raceway. With its incredibly long straight-aways, this amazing track allows participants to run faster speeds than most other locations. It also features three distinct corners, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the unbelievable cornering ability of a Sprint Cup Style stock car.

Cars will be assigned by height and weight on the day. All participants must be able to enter and exit the car on their own through a window opening 15" high x 30" wide and 36" off the ground. It is recommended that you have experience of operating a manual transmission car.


Allow 3.5 hours for the entire experience 

- Registration on arrival

- Drivers briefing including video presentation

- Training session covering how to handle the car and racing techniques

- Inspection of the cars

- Get suited up into your racing gear

- Climb into car through the window and strap into 5 point racing harness

- 16 lap driving session with lead car, designed to push your speeds to the max

- Graduation ceremony

Driving is divided into sessions, interspersed with tactical briefings from your pit crew.

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