nascar experience tucson drive a nascar tucson nascar experience tucson

30 Lap Stock Car Experience, Tucson Speedway





nascar experience tucson drive a nascar tucson nascar experience tucson

Drive 36 laps in a real stock car

Get ready for 30 laps of adrenaline pumping, high octane, high speed race driving! That's more hot laps than most NASCAR drivers face in a single race.

This incredible day of driving begins with the all important pre-drive briefing. Listen well as your instructors give you all the tools you'll need to tackle the track and master the dream machine. You'll also get a narrated tour of the track allowing you to mark out the correct racing line.

Then it's the moment you've dreamed of – in full racing gear and helmet, you'll be behind the wheel of a real racing stock car. Imagine that moment on the start line when you fire up the mighty V8 engine and feel the surge as 500 horsepower begs to be unleashed! With speeds capable of 200 mph, these babies can fly! Have you got the driving game to take on the challenge?

  • Full day of racing with 30 searing laps on Tucson Speedway
  • 3/8 mile asphalt semi-banked oval track
  • Race against other classmates with passing allowed
  • Your instructor communicates with you during the race
  • Drive cars that have competed in the NASCAR Nextel Cup, including the Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Taurus and Dodge Charger

Wait for the thumbs up from the crewmembers and before you know it, you will pull out onto the track in a car that's competed in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Speed down the straights and then wait for your heart rate to soar as you head into the turns.

No experience necessary but drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's licence.

This stock car racing event takes place on pre-selected dates throughout the year however the upcoming dates have not yet been published.

While waiting for new dates to be announced, why not make someone's day with a gift certificate? Your gift recipient can choose their own date once the new schedule is available.


- Arrival and registration

- 1 hour classroom session with instruction on driving techniques and safety procedures

- Narrated tour of the track to identify the racing line and other track features

- 36 laps around the track with you in sole control of the car

- Laps are broken into sessions to allow you to de-brief with pit crew

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