Drive nascar nascar experience nascar drive day nascar gift

30 Lap Stock Car Experience, Michigan International Speedway


LOCATION: Brooklyn, MI



Drive nascar nascar experience nascar drive day nascar gift

You'll be living the stock car racing dream!

Let your stock car fantasy become a reality as you enjoy 30 searing laps around Michigan International Speedway and reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Driving a stock car on a real race track is absolutely nothing like driving on the road and this is the closest you'll get to seeing the world through the eyes of a professional NASCAR driver.

Slide behind the wheel of a car that's competed in past NASCAR events and get the inside track from professional drivers on techniques including cornering, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. No other experience gets you this close to the real deal as you put a genuine 600hp race motor to the test. On this extended adventure, you'll enjoy multiple track sessions and have the opportunity to improve your technique with each circuit. You'll gain in confidence and speed with every lap and won't believe the sensation of achievement as you take the checkered flag. This is a once in a lifetime chance to put pedal to metal for on a legendary track. Take home memories to last a lifetime and a grin that you won't be able to wipe from your face for weeks.

  • 30 searing laps on Michigan International Speedway
  • Drive with other students
  • Overtaking is allowed
  • 2 Mile D-shaped Oval track with 12˚ front stretch and 18˚ turns
  • Cars have competed in today's top stock car series, are manual speed transmission
  • Cup or Nationwide Car bodies including: DODGE, CHEVY and FORD 

All driving participants must be 18 years of age with a valid driver's license. 

You are in control on this racing experience that aims to give you the closest experience to being a real racecar driver for the day in an authentic NASCAR-style stock car at Michigan International Speedway. Climb into the driver's seat and reach speeds exceeding 150MPH (actual speeds are dictated by individual experience and comfort level).

Stock car driving experiences can be booked at this location on the following dates:

1 - 2 Jul 2015

7 - 9 Jul 2015

25 – 27 Aug 2015

28 – 30 Sep 2015

9 – 12 Oct 2015

23 – 26 Oct 2015


- Registration on arrival

- Classroom instruction covering the car and racing techniques

- Get suited up into your racing gear

- Narrated tour of the track to show you the racing line

- Race car orientation

- 30 race laps with you in full control of the car

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