20 Mile Stock Car Experience, Pocono Raceway





Feel the thrill of driving a real stock car

Get the hammer down and reach speeds that would make your mom faint as you slide behind the wheel of an authentic stock car around one of the fastest race tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Touching speeds close to 160mph, you'll feel the awesome kick of 600 horsepower as you roar down the legendary straight-aways of the infamous 2.5 mile tri oval Pocono Raceway for 8 searing laps. Driving experiences do not get any faster or more intense than this!

This once in a lifetime experience begins with a real driver's meeting where seasoned instructors will arm you with all the racing theory you can handle. But out alone on the track, it's just you and your raw driving skills that'll take you to the checkered flag. Can you hold your nerve and the pure racing line to get your speed up and lap times down?

There's only one way to find out - stop dreaming and start driving!

  • You’re behind the wheel of a 600 hp race primed stock car
  • 3-4 hour session length including 8 laps of the track 
  • Reach incredible speeds of up to 160 mph
  • Experience at first hand Pocono’s legendary 2.5 mile tri oval super speedway
  • Car models used are Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Dodge.
  • Must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid driver’s license
  • Maximum height is 6’4” and weight limit is 300 lbs

This is your chance to drive a real stock car, exactly like those driven by the pros on Sunday, at the super slick Pocono Raceway. With its incredibly long straight-aways, this amazing track allows participants to run faster speeds than most other locations. It also features three distinct corners, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the unbelievable cornering ability of a Sprint Cup Style stock car.

Cars will be assigned by height and weight on the day. All participants must be able to enter and exit the car on their own through a window opening 15" high x 30" wide and 36" off the ground. It is recommended that you have experience of operating a manual transmission car.


Allow three hours for the entire experience 

- Registration on arrival

- Drivers briefing including video presentation

- Training session covering how to handle the car and racing techniques

- Inspection of the cars

- Get suited up into your racing gear

- Climb into car through the window and strap into 5 point racing harness

- 8 lap driving session with lead car, designed to push your speeds to the max

- Graduation ceremony


Everything when as you would hope from the first phone call to the on time experience. Hanging in the pits with the cars, the sounds of the cars on the running on the track and the smell of racing fuel in the air. Once you have tried it. you'll want to do it again and again.

07 July, 2012


That was an amazing time!!!!!! Very professional. Amazing time!!!! I am going back again.

28 June, 2012


This event was for my son's 21 st birthday. He was amazed with the whole day. It was everything plus what he had expected. The track, location and staff were all very nice. Great day and experience.....

25 June, 2012


Very easy to work with. Friendly staff! Even better than expected! 1st rate! Friendly staff gives you the comfort level and confidence you need. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone who is a race fan and wants to experience what it is like to drive a stock car! I definitely want to do this again!

22 June, 2012


I am a great NASCAR fan and now I have a greater respecr for the people in the forefront and the background.

15 January, 2012


It was something I've never experienced before. Totaly exhilirating! The thrill of driving that fast at Pocono left me speechless with an adrenilin rush that lasted for an hour after the ride was over. I have great respect for the pro drivers. I admire them for having the stamina to drive the many laps they do in a real race. The whole experience was a real treat!

30 June, 2011


My wife purchased the gift for me and had a wonderful experience throughout the transaction. I received top-quality service and assistance when booking my Day. The representative who helped me was new, but he provided every piece of information I needed, was very knowledgeable regarding the products, and did not hesitate to ask for help from his colleagues to be sure he was providing the correct information to me. Great staff, wonderful experience. Instruction prior to the drive was what I expected, and the actual drive was off the charts.

06 June, 2011


I received the Great American Days Stock Car Drive as a Father's Day Gift, arguably among the best gifts I've ever received. Great American Days helped make all of the arrangements as simple as a phone call and an e-mail. Thanks for your part in a most memorable experience!! One of the most exhilarating events of my life! The staff at the speedway did everything they could to ensure that everyone involved was able to enjoy the experience to their fullest ability. I got the flag to pass the other student on the track with me and I flew by him, it was great, and it was all handled safely by the track crew, with full communication. It was over way too soon, but it was well worth it!! I hope to be able to go back... this time for 40 miles instead of 20!!!!

24 May, 2011


everything was perfect from start to finish. had a great time the staff made the ride fun with the excitement they showed

24 May, 2011


had a great time the staff made the ride fun with the excitement they showed

24 May, 2011

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