drive stock car san antonio texas stock car experience san antonio texas texas stock car racing

10 Lap Stock Car Experience, San Antonio Speedway


LOCATION: San Antonio, TX



drive stock car san antonio texas stock car experience san antonio texas texas stock car racing

Gentlemen, start your engines ....

Get ready to take center stage at San Antonio Speedway for 10 searing laps behind the wheel of a NASCAR-style mean racing machine. This is your chance to push a race-primed Late Model racing car to the max on Texas’ only high banked, ½ mile paved racing track.

Start your day with an in depth driver's meeting designed to arm you with all the race driving techniques you'll need to master the car and the track before it's time to pull on your racing suit and come face to face with your dream car.

Feel your adrenalin rise as you roar off the starting grid and the outside world becomes a blur. You'll need to harness all your reflexes and raw driving skills to master 500 horse power and find that perfect racing line.

Have you got what it takes to reach the checkered flag in a real race primed stock car? Slide behind the wheel and find out what you're made of!

  • Adrenalin fuelled racing with you behind the wheel
  • 10 high speed laps at San Antonio Speedway
  • Drive lightweight NASCAR style late models
  • No lead car and wide open passing format
  • 500+ horsepower race primed stock cars
  • No experience required

You’ll drive NASCAR style Late Models at San Antonio Speedway where many of the great stars of NASCAR learned and honed their craft.  There’s a reason why the drivers at NASCAR’s highest level look forward to going to NASCAR’s shortest tracks, and many of them sneak away on their off weekends to go back and race a NASCAR style Late Model at a short track. It’s the sensation of speed and the lightning quick reflexes that combine to make short track racing such an exciting racing experience.

Drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's licence. All racing suits, helmets and safety equipment are provided.


- Registration on arrival

- Classroom instruction covering the car and racing techniques

- Get suited up into your racing gear

- Narrated van ride around the track to show you the racing line

- Practice laps to get you and the car warmed up

- 10 race laps with you in full control of the car

- Racing is divided into session with pit stops and briefings in between

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