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10 Lap Stock Car Experience, Houston Motorsports Park





drive a nascar houston nascar experience houston driving experience houston

Drive 10 amazing laps on a professional track

Feel the power of a highly tuned stock car as it thunders around the awesome Houston Motorsports Park. You are behind the wheel and you are in control of this beast for 10 white hot laps around this most famous of race tracks.

This once in a lifetime driving experience begins with a pre-drive briefing where you'll be taught high speed driving techniques - from fast starts to even faster passing. Then it's out onto the raceway for a narrated tour of the track - make sure you keep your eye on the racing line!

Finally in full racing gear, you slide behind the wheel, fire up that highly tuned racing engine, floor the gas pedal and let 500 horsepower propel you to the checkered flag. Stock car driving experiences do not get any better than this!

  • 10 searing laps on Houston Motorsports Park
  • 3/8 mile asphalt semi-banked oval track
  • Race against other classmates with passing allowed
  • Your instructor communicates with you during the race
  • Drive cars that have competed in the NASCAR Nextel Cup, including the Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Taurus and Dodge Charger

Wait for the thumbs up from the crewmembers and before you know it, you will pull out onto the track in a car that's competed in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Speed down the straights and then wait for your heart rate to soar as you head into the turns.

No experience necessary but drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's licence.

Race cars do not have doors. All drivers must have the ability to climb through a 15" high by 28" wide window that sits 35" from the ground. Must be at least 5' tall and maximum height 6'4". Waist and chest can be no bigger than 52".


- Arrival and registration

- 60 minute classroom session with instruction on driving techniques and safety procedures

- Narrated van ride around the track to identify the racing line and other track features

- 10 exciting laps with you in sole control of the car

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