drive a race car drive a racecar track day racing experience

Formula 2000 Experience, BeaveRun Motorsports Complex





drive a race car drive a racecar track day racing experience

Discover the thrill of open cockpit racing

Get behind the wheel of a highly tuned Formula 2000 racing car for the fastest fun you'll ever have on four wheels. This is a fantastic way to experience all the thrills and spills of one of the most exciting sports on earth in real racing conditions.

You'll be taught all the secrets of the track from seasoned racing drivers and given time to familiarize yourself with racing etiquette, high speed passing maneuvers and how to find the perfect racing line. Then its out onto the race track in the super fast street cars where you'll put into practice all you've been taught.

Finally comes the moment you've waited for - slide behind the wheel of the highly tuned racing car for the drive of your life. Go wheel to wheel with other drivers in two 20 minute racing sessions and press that pedal to the metal as you swoop off the bends and take the checkered flag.

  • Drive a real 150 bhp Formula 2000 car
  • More than 30 laps on the track, divided into two sessions
  • No prior experience necessary
  • You need to know how to drive a manual transmission
  • Suit and helmet provided.

You'll be strapped into a real 150 bhp Formula 2000 racecar, capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds and reaching 130mph in the draft. These high precision cars can pull up to 2g's in the corners and stop on a dime.

The reclining seat position, open cockpit, and Indy-style body work provides you with the unique experience and a birds-eye-view of exactly what the pros see when they are battling it out, head-to-head on TV. Wide tires and front and rear wings make sure you are firmly glued to the track as you rocket around searing lap of the track.

Driving experiences are available on pre-scheduled dates throughout the year. To secure your chosen dates it is recommended that you book well in advance.

Your experience starts with classroom instruction on what it takes to control a racecar on the track when driving at the limit. To add tangible credibility to the classroom session, and prepare you for the experience of a lifetime, we follow up with live demonstrations and practice in our street cars.

The last bit of preparation involves a short introduction to the racecars, review of the safety flags, and a short discussion about racing etiquette. Then . . .it's off to the races! This experience consists of two 20-minute racecar sessions for a total of more than 30 laps on the track!

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