ride a long ac cobra ac cobra racing experience ac cobra ride a long

AC Cobra Replica Ride A Long, Willow Springs Raceway


LOCATION: Willow Springs, CA



ride a long ac cobra ac cobra racing experience ac cobra ride a long

High speed ride in an open cockpit race car

See the world through the eyes of a professional racing champion in a high speed passenger ride in a Vintage Cobra replica race car.

Experience the thrill of flying at high speeds in a fabled open cockpit race car to the soundtrack of a roaring V8 engine. This great American muscle car is capable of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds - that's faster than a Lamborghini Diablo or Porsche 933 and you'll be able to experience its legendary speed and handling at first hand as a pro driver puts this baby through its paces. Driving on a track is absolutely nothing like driving on the street. You'll be amazed as your driver corners at speed and accelerates down the straightways of a purpose built exciting track.

If you love vintage race cars or just want to experience the red hot thrill of flying round a professional race track in the ultimate race car, this white knuckle ridealong adventure is for you.

  • Experience the world through the eyes of a racing champion
  • Get a first hand demonstration of one of the most exciting cars in the last 50 years
  • Real race cars, not modified street cars
  • Enjoy the thrill of open cockpit racing

Everything you need for a great day is supplied including driving suits, beverages and even sunscreen. In car cameras are installed in every car so you can re-live your experience with family and friends, time after time.

All cars have large, comfortable cockpits and are among the fastest and best handling school cars presently available in North America. Inside the SCCA safety approved roll cage-protected cockpit you will feel totally comfortable while you are on the track.

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