drive a racecar race car driving experience learn to race a car

3 Day Racing School, Pocono Raceway





drive a racecar race car driving experience learn to race a car

Become a racecar driver...

Learn how to drive a highly tuned Formula 2000 racing car to the limit with an amazing 3 day high speed driving course at the fabled Pocono Raceway.

Day one begins with a brief classroom session before heading track-side for a stomach churning high speed lap in a slide car. There's more classroom instruction before you get behind the wheel of a street car and push the pedal to the metal for some searing on track practice. The next day sees even more detailed instruction, in both theory and practice, all the time gearing your mindset to faster and faster lap times.

Day three dawns and it's all led up to this moment. Have you got what it takes to squeeze every millisecond off your lap time? You've been given the techniques - you've driven the track - now it's you, your driving skills and the racing car in a high speed head to head to see who's the champion.

This is the ultimate Formula 2000 driving experience and one guaranteed to thrill the motor racing fan in your life.

  • No prior experience necessary.
  • Emphasis is on teaching and training you how to be a better, faster racecar driver.
  • You need to know how to drive a manual transmission.
  • Suit and helmet provided.

This course is packed with intensive training on how to drive a racecar at the limit. No rev-limits are ever imposed, passing is allowed from the moment you strap into the racecar, and there is no crash damage liability. We provide you with the equipment and instruction required to progress safely at your own pace.

Day 1

Day one starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track session in one of the patented slide cars. Then, some trackside demonstrations by the instructors, followed by an additional classroom session and on-track practice with a street cars. After a short introduction to the racecars, safety equipment, safety flags, and a short discussion about racing etiquette, you will finish the day with two track sessions in the racecars.

Day 2

Day two begins with another brief classroom session, followed by another session in the slide cars or street cars. This track session's objective is to ingrain every bump, wrinkle, and visible marker into your racing mindset. Four additional track sessions in the racecars add to your knowledge gained the previous day, applying theory to the real world. You will be given an abundant amount of seat time, practicing and perfecting the skills required to advance to the final day.

Day 3

You've trained forty-eight hours for this day. Time to apply your new-found skills and acquire the additional advanced techniques required to devour the track and squeeze every last tenth of a second out of yourself. A slide car session is combined with FIVE track sessions in the racecars, working on those little nuances that trim the last few tenths off your lap times. You will practice techniques such as: Ocular Driving, the Auto Pilot, Rotational Turn-In, Line Recovery, Slide Control, Heel and Toe, and Creative Visualization.

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