indy racing experience indy car track day

Indy Car Intermediate Experience, Kentucky Speedway





indy racing experience indy car track day

Drive an Indy Style Racing Car

Prepare for all out speed as you slide behind the wheel of an authentic race primed Indy car and get the hammer down for the high speed drive of your life! It's a no lap limit dash to the checkered flag as you harness 675 horsepower of lean mean racing machine and push it to the limit. Capable of speeds touching 170mph, you'll be racing just an inch off the ground in a real open cockpit, open wheel, Indy style car similar to the ones on the IZOD circuit!

This is gonna be fast and furious and you'll receive the very best racing theory, but putting it into practice is down to you, can you keep your nerve as you face down the legendary Kentucky Speedway? There's only one way to find out, fire up that mighty engine and push it to the max! No lead car and passing allowed means you've just found the ultimate and most realistic Indy car driving experience on the planet!

  • 3 hour driving experience reaching speeds of up to 155mph
  • 2 timed racing sessions, total of 16 minutes drive time
  • On the 1.5 mile, 14 degree, banking tri-oval track
  • Full size 600hp Indy cars with open wheel and open cock pit
  • No lead car to follow and passing is allowed
  • Certificate with your top speed and souvenir racing licence
  • Friends and family are welcome

Sitting just an inch off the ground an Indy race car can reach faster speeds and have more g-forces than cars in the NASCAR series and working to timed sessions there is no need to lap count, so you can really focus all your efforts on hitting those top speeds.

- Driver must be 18 years of age and hold valid drivers licence.

- Maximum height 6'4” / Maximum weight 250lbs


- Check in 30 minutes to an hour before reservation time

- Drivers meeting with the crew chief

- Training and Instruction

- Timed track driving session

Booking for Group
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