indy car experience drive an indy car indy car track day

Indy Car Advanced Experience, Texas Motor Speedway


LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX



indy car experience drive an indy car indy car track day

Max Power Max Speed Indy Car Racing

It's hammer time as you get behind the wheel of a race primed Indy style car and push it to the max at the awesome Texas Motor Speedway. Just an inch off the ground, as you harness 600 horsepower of lean, mean, racing machine and push the speeds up and your lap times down. This is Indy style racing that is as close to being in an IZOD race as you could possibly get.

There's no lead car and passing is totally encouraged, giving you a real feel for driving on the edge! You'll have your own personal racing instructor who'll give you all the tools you'll need to push the lap record. And with this unique timed session, there's no lap count to slow you down, so all you need to door is get the pedal hard to the metal and go for it! Indy car driving experiences do not get any faster or more intense than this!

  • 3 hour driving experience
  • 3 timed racing sessions, total of 24 minutes drive time
  • On the 1.5 mile, 24 degree, banking tri-oval track
  • Full size 600hp Indy cars with open wheel and open cock pit
  • No lead car to follow and passing is allowed
  • Certificate with your top speed and souvenir racing licence
  • Friends and family are welcome

Sitting just an inch off the ground an Indy style race car can reach faster speeds and have more g-forces than cars in the NASCAR series and working to timed sessions there is no need to lap count, so you can really focus all your efforts on hitting those top speeds.

- Driver must be 18 years of age and hold valid drivers licence.

- Maximum height 6'4” / Maximum weight 250lbs


- Check in 30 minutes to an hour before reservation time

- Drivers meeting with the crew chief

- Training and Instruction

- Timed track driving session

Booking for Group
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