drive formula car Los angeles drive formula car auto club speedway allen berg formula racing experience

Formula Car Taster Session, Auto Club Speedway


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



drive formula car Los angeles drive formula car auto club speedway allen berg formula racing experience

Discover the art of formula racing

Slide into the stiff carbon fiber chassis of a real deal open wheel formula racing car and discover the incredible adrenalin rush of going from 0 - 60mph in just over a second only inches from the ground!

This is the ultimate introduction to formula racing as you navigate the twists and turns of a challenging 14 turn course under the guidance of a veteran racing team with real Formula One racing experience.

Driving 100% authentic carbon fiber formula cars on a 1.45 mile road road course, surrounded by the low-banked, D-shaped oval of Auto Club Speedway, you’ll master the tricks of the trade from some of the best in the industry. Using specialist teaching methods and equipment, designed to maximize your time behind the wheel, you’ll be in a state of sheer sensory overload as you grip the F1-style steering yoke and roar off the starting grid as if propelled by a giant hand.

This is true world class racing training and is guaranteed to provide memories to last a whole lifetime. Head to driver’s heaven at Auto Club Speedway and find out what Formula racing is really all about.

  • Drive a real carbon fiber formula racing car
  • Cars are the same as those used on the international racing circuit
  • 3 hour program led by a former Formula 1 driver
  • No experience necessary
  • Must be aged 18 years or over
  • Includes all tuition and equipment

You’ll be driving formula race cars that are the same as those used in international competition. Each carbon composite formula racecar is outfitted with a MoTeC Data Acquisition system and Go-Pro Onboard Video Camera. Running on Hankook Racing Slicks with five speed sequential racing gearboxes, these cars are capable of 0-60 MPH in 4 seconds, pulling up to 2 G's in the corners and braking. Cars are surprisingly roomy and can accommodate students from under 150 cm (5’0”) to 200 cm (6’7”).
You’ll enjoy instruction from a former F1 racer and receive feedback from a team of professional race engineers. This is the only racing event to employ Formula One style MoTeC data acquisition technology on all of its racecars, the same data systems used by teams in the Indy Racing League, ALMS and at the legendary Indianapolis 500

This program lasts for 3 hours which includes the following:

- 20 Minute Classroom Session
- 15 Minute Instructor Driven Track Orientation
-15 Minute Car Introduction
- 15 Minute Car Fitment
- 2 x 15 Minute Driving Sessions in Formula Racecar
Photo of you with your Racecar!

During this program, each driver's information is recorded and used to monitor and critique every participant’s performance, providing a direct and enlightening comparison to experienced pro racers under the same conditions.

At the end of their course every student's in-car video and lapping data, along with a copy of the MoTeC software is made directly available  for future study and to share with friends and family.

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