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Lamborghini 4 Lap Drive, Detroit

From $249



Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Slide behind the wheel of a real Italian supermodel, the Lamborghini Gallardo for some searing hot laps on a specially designed closed course.

This is your chance to experience at first hand the mighty roar of a 500bhp V10 engine, capable of over 190mph and celebrated for its astonishing levels of grip.  The legendary howl of this stunning speed machine will be music to your ears as you power down the straights and slot the beautiful aluminium gearshift home. 

With your instructor seated in the passenger seat alongside you, you'll be amazed at how you gain in confidence with every lap and experience the thrill of what a Lamborghini Gallardo can really do. This is one of the world's most exclusive super cars and this is the ultimate Lambo' driving experience!

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