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Exotic Car Drive, Dallas

From $99



Breathtakingly fast and 100 percent addictive

Shift your perception of performance with the best exotic car driving experience in Dallas. Take a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a three-lap spin around an exciting autocross course. This is your chance to put your driving skills to the test and unwind the tight turns of a race course in a cutting-edge Italian supercar.

Breathtakingly powerful, visceral and addictive, these show-stopping vehicles boast looks, handling and performance that make other cars pale in comparison. Now is your chance to slide behind the wheel and experience a slice of driving heaven in a supercar that offers effortless driving pleasure.

Though these cars are ridiculously powerful, they truly shine in the realm of handling, and our autocross course is setup to showcase the cornering capabilities of these machines. If total performance is what you seek, this exotic car driving experience is for you.

Feel what it's like to be a pro driver on a purpose-built course designed to display the performance and handling of your dream drive. You'll take home memories to last a lifetime with this Dallas exotic car driving experience.


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