Drive a Nissan GT-R, Las Vegas Motor Speedway


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Here Comes Godzilla

Unleash the ultimate Japanese with this Las Vegas dricing experience.  Racing from a standstill to sixty miles an hour in less than three seconds, the Nissan GT-R is a supercar in every sense of the word.  Start the twin turbo V6 and head out onto the road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to test the limits of this fatastic automobile.

Flip the paddle shifters to change gears as your proffessional co-pilot coaches you through the corners.  With each lap you complete you'll gain confidence and push the car harder.  There are no speed limits and the only restrictions are the laws of physics.  Register today and take the wheel of a Nissan GT-R with this supercar driving experience!

  • You Drive a Nessan GT-R on a Race Track
  • Full Throttle Hot Laps on the Road Course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • In Car Coach Helps you Hit Top Speed
  • 12 Minute 3D Simulator Training Session
  • Professional Helmet Rental Included
  • Access to Luxury Level Dream Racing Lounge for You & One Friend
  • Certificate Commemorating Your Experience

This exotic car driving experience puts you behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R.  Put the pedal to the floor on a real race track with no speed limits or restrictions to slow you down.  Each event includes simulator training to lear the track and in car instructor to help you hit the fastest lap times.  All of this excitement takes place in elite luxury facilities offering the same personalized service and attention to detail you'd expect from a high end Las Vegas attraction.

Your Nissan GT-R driving experiene starts with your arrival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  You'll be greeted by a team of hostesses and asked to present your driver's licesnse for registration.

Driving on a closed race track is nothing like your commute and so you'll need some pointers to hit top speed.  A professional driver gives you personalized instruction on vehicle mechanics and driving techniques.  You'll also get pointers on saftey.  Listen closely to this expert advice to make sure you get the most out of your driving experience!

Next, climb into a customer made 3D driving simulator to practice what you've learned.  Train on a laser scanned virtual representation of the track so accurate that it replicates the bumps you'll experience driving the real thing.  The practice you get in this simulator is invaluable in helping you hit top speed out on the track.

Now pull on a helmet and get ready to hit the track!  Slide behind the wheel of an Nissan GT-R where you are in total control.  A professional driving coach rides shotgun to give you instant feedback on your driving and help you hit the fastest laps possible.  There are no speed limits or restrictions - just you and a legendary Nissan GT-R on a closed track.

After you run, relax in a luxury lounge with free Wi-Fi, snacks and coffe bar.  Listen to engines roar as supercars howl around the track.  Sip a latte and check "drive flat out in an Nissan GT-R" off of your bucket list!

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