45 Minute Ferrari 458 Italia Driving Experience, Denver





Ready for High End Horsepower?

Have you always dreamed of a driving a Ferrari?  Do you know someone who has?  This Denver driving experience is your chance to make that wish come true.  Most people will never know the sensation of standing on the gas in a purebred Italian supercar.  This Ferrari experience is an all access pass to join an elite group that lives life at full throttle.

Wrap yourself in the supple leather interior of a Ferrari 458 Italia F1 and head onto Denver's backroads with 562 horsepower screaming behind your head.  Watch heads turn and cameras snap as you carve up the dream.  The first time you hit the gas, you'll understand why this flagship Ferrari wears a $330,000 price tag.

Break the cycle of your Camry commute and rediscover a passion for the open road.  Live the life, drive the dream.  Register for this Ferrari experience now to take total control of unparalleled power and performance.

  • Drive a Ferrari 458 Italia on Denver's backroads
  • 45 minute driving experience
  • 50 photos & full HD GoPro video of drive included
  • Paddle shifted automatic transmission
  • Must be licensed, insured & 21 to drive
  • Valid Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

This exotic car experience winds along a route designed to offer maximum driving fun with minimal traffic.  A staff member shows you the controls and rides along to make sure your drive goes smoothly.  Don't worry though - you're free to drive at your own pace.  Keep in mind that you will be responsible for any traffic tickets, so be careful!  As a bonus, HD photos and video of your drive are included to prove to your friends that you drove flat out ina $330,000 Ferrari!

Booking for Group
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