4 Run Dragster Experience, New England Dragway





Light up the tires and tear down the track with this drag racing experience at New England Dragway. Charge towards the horizon in a big-block dragster with the pedal pinned to the floor. This experience includes four runs, the last two of which take you all the way to the quarter-mile marker at over 130 miles an hour. Register today and feel the rush of real drag racing!

  • Drive a Real Rail-Style Dragster
  • Four Solo Runs Down the Track
  • Four Burnouts at the Starting Line
  • Professional Instruction from a Veteran Drag Racer
  • Must be a Licensed Driver to Participate
  • Size Requirements: 5' - 6' 5”, Max 325 Pounds

This experience consists of four total blasts down the track, plus four big, smokey burnouts. Start with a 330 foot sprint. Then, head down the 1/8th mile, hitting triple-digit speeds. Finally, you're ready for two full ¼ mile runs, where you'll race past 130 miles an hour in a matter of seconds. Sign up for this unforgettable dragster drive now and reserve your place on the starting line!

When you arrive at the track for your drag racing experience, simply follow the signs to registration. Here, you'll sign all required paperwork. Make sure you have your license with you!

Next, get acquainted with the track. Climb aboard a 12-passenger van with your drag racing instructor and go for a test run. This is where you'll learn the different distance markers and get a feel for how to control the car. These techniques are important for getting the most out of your runs, so be sure to pay close attention.

Then, it's time to prepare for takeoff. Suit up for your drive in a two-piece fireproof safety suit, plus helmet, gloves, and neck collar. All safety gear is provided free of charge.

When your ride is ready, a member of our team guides you to the car and straps you in tight. Then, it's time for the ride of your life! Blast down the track with the pedal to the floor. Feel the rush of insane acceleration pin you back against your seat. This experience packs more adrenaline-fueled automotive fun into ten seconds than most people experience in a lifetime!

Once your experience is over, climb out of the car and change out of your gear. Before you head home, purchase optional video of your experience to show off to your friends. Finally, it's time to head home with memories to last a lifetime!

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