3 Run Dragster Experience, zMAX Dragway





Feel the need for speed?

Go from zero to hero in little over a second as you feel the full power of this amazing dragster racing experience! You're looking at an incredible - if a little crazy - rocket ride that puts you in the driving seat and fighting unbelievable G-Forces, as you accelerate off the start line from 0 to 110mph in just over a second!

You'll get three fast and furious runs, filled with heart stopping speed and smokey burnouts, at the infamous zMAX Dragway, all under the watchful eye of the sport's very best instructors. These guys feel the need for total speed, and in the pre-drive briefing you'll be armed with all the theory you'll need to handle these incredible racing rocket machines. The rest, as they say, is up to you! Reckon you can handle the absolute racing fury as one of these monsters flies at incredible speed down the strip?

  • Go from 0-110 mph in just over a second
  • State of the art, real deal dragsters
  • Be coached by the most decorated and respected quarter-mile instructor in the world
  • Limited class size and pre-drive tuition include
  • Must be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license

If you've ever wanted to drive a dragster, now's your chance to experience the mind-blowing thrill of powering off the starting grid at speeds that would make your mom faint!

Stock car driving experiences are available on pre-scheduled dates throughout the year. To secure your chosen dates it is recommended that you book well in advance.


Allow half a day for the entire experience.


The course starts with a one hour orientation, where basic safety and operational procedures are discussed. When orientation is completed, all drivers will be issued with the necessary safety equipment.


On completion of your orientation session, you will be taken to the track where you’ll be strapped into a state-of-the-art dragster, capable of reaching speeds well over 100 mph in just seconds.

You’ll make three searing runs in total. The first pass will consist of a long, smokey burnout, launching the car, and a 300 foot pass. The distance of your second run will be determined by your instructor, with all runs being observed by your professional racing instructor.

When both the driver and instructor feel comfortable enough to take to the racetrack, the student begins with a long, smoky burnout that allows them to feel the real horsepower they now command. Then it's time to step on the gas for real and launch the high-horsepower dragster down the track, zipping from a standing start to 100 mph quicker than any street car in production. It is an experience that will be cherished and remembered forever. All runs are done incrementally with each driver making a minimum of three passes, the last being a full quarter-mile pull, just like the professionals. Warning: Smiles may last for a long time!

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