learn to skydive atlanta AFF atlanta accelerated freefall in atlanta

Skydive Solo, Atlanta





learn to skydive atlanta AFF atlanta accelerated freefall in atlanta

Experience the thrill of solo flight

Accelerated Freefall is your fast track route to becoming a qualified skydiver. Also known as AFF, it's intensive, fast-paced and you can experience freefall on your very first jump.

After one full day of ground-training, you will have learned all the skills needed to make your first skydive from 4,500ft, accompanied by expert instructors. You will then open, fly and control your own parachute back down to Earth.

This is a unique introduction to the world of skydiving. Whether it's the first step to your skydiver's license or just an excuse to experience the thrill of solo flight, this amazing adventure is every thrill-seeker's dream come true.

  • Jump solo on your very first sky dive from 4,500 feet
  • Open, fly and land your own parachute
  • Counts towards your skydiving license
  • Must be 18 years or over

The AFF method is an intense program which allows you to complete the student training in the least amount of jumps. From your first jump, you will be skydiving with individual parachute equipment and will be responsible for its operation.
After deploying your parachute at approximately 4500 feet, you will be assisted with canopy control via ground to air communication.
The weight limit for men is 235lb. Women should weigh less than 170 lb. women.


The Accelerated Freefall Level Course includes a day of training with a USPA certified instructor.

Ground School

Your day will begin with ground school, covering the following topics:

- Familiarisation to the dropzone

- Understanding the equipment

- Basic freefall body position

- Aircraft drills and emergency procedures

- How to exit the aircraft

- The sequence of the skydive including hand signals from the instructors, practice pulls, reading your altimeter, opening your parachute Canopy control and flight drills

- Canopy emergency procedures

The Jump

Your first jump takes place at 4,500 feet. You will be in radio contact with your instructors throughout the experience.


A debriefing session will conclude your adventure.

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