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Sea Planes

Giving you the access to remote regions of the country, a ride in a seaplane can show you more about coastal America than any seaside holiday will ever do. It can also help you to see more of your local body of water and its surrounding wildlife than you may ever seen have before. Seaplanes are made buoyant by the use of the pontoons attached to the main body of the craft under the fuselage. This adaptability means that no matter where you choose to have your scenic flight, you’ll be ‘as safe as houses’ when landing on any water. This amazing versatility means you can get to know any area of the USA better than ever before and even see parts of the country that are totally inaccessible any other way.

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san francisco seaplane tour

Golden Gate Seaplane Tour, San Francisco

Reach for the skies on a spectacular seaplane adventure showcasing San Francisco as never before. Enjoying dramatic views of the Golde... Read more

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA




san francisco seaplane flight

Champagne Seaplane Flight, San Francisco

Discover the magic of a seaplane in flight on an exhilarating aerial adventure. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just ... Read more

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA




1 - 2 of 2 experiences

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