fly a jet fighter fly a jet fighter jet plane fly a jet fighter

Fly a Military Jet - 45 Minutes


LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



fly a jet fighter fly a jet fighter jet plane fly a jet fighter

Pilot a real L-39 jet fighter.

Experience the unbridled thrill of piloting a real L-39  jet fighter and scream across the skies reaching speeds over 600mph. This is a total top gun flying experience and puts you in the cockpit as you pull barrel rolls, loops and combat style dives, battling up to 8 G's and hitting speeds over 600 mph!
These highly maneuverable jet fighters are used by Russian cosmonauts, so you are guaranteed an incredible experience as you take off and skim across the clouds. This once in a lifetime jet fighter flying experience includes a detailed pre-flight briefing and gives you an amazing 45 minutes in the air.

  • Breathtaking 45 minute flight
  • Take the controls of a real L39-C Albatros
  • Carry out basic aerobatic maneuvers
  • Licensed fighter pilot instructors
  • No pilot license required
  • You flight is recorded and the tapes are yours to keep

Watch the runway evaporate in just seconds as you accelerate in a heartbeat for the adrenaline fuelled f light of a lifetime.

This flight is tailored for you so it can be as mild or as wild as you want! You will be in constant communication with your pilot at all times.


- Get fitted into flight suit
- Ground school
- Safety Briefing
- Flying Characteristics of the aircraft
- 45 minute flight including aerobatic maneuvers
- Landing and debrief 

Booking for Group
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