fly a jet fighter jet fighter experience fly a jet fighter

Fly a Military Jet - 30 Minutes


LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



fly a jet fighter jet fighter experience fly a jet fighter

Nothing comes close

Reach for the skies in a real fighter jet and see if you're made of the right stuff to become a true 'Top Gun'.

You'll be carving the air at the controls of a lightning fast L-39 - as used in space training by Russian cosmonauts - and pulling an incredible 8 G's as you loop, roll and dive across the skies.
This amazing fighter jet flying experience includes a pre-flight briefing, under the guidance of seasoned instructors who'll prepare you for the exhilarating experience ahead. Imagine the total thrill as, in full flying gear, your heat skips a beat as you blast down the runway and take off into the wide blue yonder.

This is not a simulator - it's the real deal. Push your nerve and adrenalin to the limit with the ultimate aerial adventure.

  • Breathtaking 30 minute flight
  • Take the controls of a real L39-C Albatros
  • Carry out basic aerobatic maneuvers
  • Licensed fighter pilot instructors
  • No pilot license required
  • You flight is recorded and the tapes are yours to keep

Watch the runway evaporate in just seconds as you accelerate in a heartbeat for the adrenaline fuelled f light of a lifetime.

This flight is tailored for you so it can be as mild or as wild as you want! You will be in constant communication with your pilot at all times.


- Get fitted into flight suit
- Ground school
- Safety Briefing
- Flying Characteristics of the aircraft
- 30 minute flight including aerobatic maneuvers
- Landing and debrief 

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