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Jet Fighter

What could be more memorable than a trip in a jet fighter? Flying at three times the height of Everest you’ll be seeing the world from a place that few ever have and experience it at mind-blowing speed as you undertake tactical moves such as climbing, rolling and looping. You can enjoy the thrill of being at the helm of one of these astonishing craft, and drink in every precious moment as you experience the life of a fighter pilot first hand. With a full range of military maneuvers carried out as part of your experience, you can step out of the imaginary world of what a jet fighter feels like to the otherworldliness of travel at supersonic speed. As part of your day you too can cut through the skies as your instructor talks you through some of the most daring tactical moves any craft can undertake.

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fly a jet fighter

Fly a Military Jet, St Petersburg

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LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL




1 - 1 of 1 experiences

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