san francisco tandem paragliding flight bay area paragliding paragliding san francisco

Tandem Paraglide, San Francisco


LOCATION: San Francisco, CA



san francisco tandem paragliding flight bay area paragliding paragliding san francisco

Find out why paragliding is so addictive!

Soar like an eagle and experience the purest form of flight on a breath-taking voyage of discovery to remember.

Glide on the breeze at a height of up to 3000 ft and find out why paragliding is one of the most addictive adventure sports known to Man. Securely harnessed to your expert instructor, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride as you float effortlessly over the landscape with only the sound of the wind as your accompaniment.

Carve through the air and circle lazily in the thermal currents above the landscape, as you drink in show-stopping views of the Bay area that will live in your memory forever. From the high mountain ridges of Mission Peak to the coastal ridges on the Pacific Ocean, there simply is no better way to experience San Francisco's spectacular setting.

Flying without a motor is a simply blissful experience. Find out why everyone's getting into paragliding on an aerial adventure that will leave you on the ultimate natural high.

  • Soar like a bird for up to 20 minutes
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of San Francisco and the Bay area
  • No experience necessary
  • Suitable for age 5 and upwards
  • Fly with California's premier paragliding school
  • Must be less than 240lb

Enjoy a tandem paragliding experience with California's premier paragliding school. Whether you're looking to become a qualified paraglider or just want to experience the thrill, there is no better way to find out what paragliding is all about.

Tandem paragliding flights are available to enjoy year round, on a daily basis. This experience is weather dependent and may be postponed in adverse conditions.

Flights takeplace at various launch sites around San Francisco which will be selected depending on weather conditions.

Your tandem instructor will meet you on the day and brief you on the weather conditions, safety issues, and explain how the wing flies. You will also learn take off and landing procedures.

You will then be shown how to put on your helmet and harness ready for launch. After the pre-flight safety checks have been carried out, your tandem instructor will inflate the wing before it’s time to take off. This will involve running until your feet no-longer touch the ground!

Very quickly, you will be soaring through the air with fantastic views of the Bay area. Flight duration is approx. 30 minutes, although this may vary depending on soaring conditions.

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