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Tandem Hang Gliding Flight, Chattanooga

From $199

LOCATION: Rising Fawn, GA


Discover hang gliding over Lookout Mountain

Soar like an eagle and discover the purest form of flight. Enjoy a breathtaking aerial voyage over Lookout Mountain and experience the unique thrill of hang gliding.

Once secured in the harness, you and your instructor will be towed into the air behind a microlight. At a height of around 1,500ft the rope is released, the microlight pulls away and you're free to soar and circle lazily in the thermal currents above the landscape, with incredible views of mountains, pastures, forests and the sky.

See Lookout Mountain in all its panoramic glory and experience the unparalleled sensation of hang gliding. Flying without a motor is a quiet, simple, and beautiful experience.

No experience necessary for this amazing voyage of discovery, just a sense of adventure!

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