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Palomar Mountain Sailplane Flight for Two

From $290

LOCATION: Warner Springs, CA


Magical mountain flight for two

Soar one mile high above the Palomar Mountains as you enjoy the exhilarating airborne adventure of a lifetime. This unforgettable sailplane experience for two takes you into the heart of the mountains west of Warner Springs. Take off from the Palomar Observatory and soar to a height of 5280 feet on the breeze and thermals.

Sailplanes are the most elegant way to fly. Glide on the same rising currents of air that the birds use, with no roaring engine to spoil the tranquility. You won't believe the views as you gaze down on the mountains and the Californian desert as never before. Carve through the air for up to 40 minutes as you rise on the ridgelifts, unique pockets of air created only in mountain areas.

The freedom of the air and sensation of total tranquillity will astound and amaze you on this extraordinary sailplane experience for two people.

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