learn to fly helicopter LA helicopter flying lesson LA LA helicopter flying lesson

Helicopter Flying Lesson, Los Angeles


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



learn to fly helicopter LA helicopter flying lesson LA LA helicopter flying lesson

Learn to fly a helicopter over LA

Discover the thrill of piloting a Robinson R22 helicopter on an extended 60 minute hands-on flight. This is your chance to find out why so many people are hooked on helicopter flying as you learn the effects of control under the guidance of a certified pilot.

Start your experience by learning how to use the controls in order to climb, descend, fly straight and hover in the air and have the chance to ask questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Next up, it’s time to take to the air as you enjoy breathtaking views and see what it is like to pilot a helicopter.

You’ll be able to take the controls and experience first hand a variety of flight conditions including straight and level flight, climbs, turns and descents, plus the most memorable maneuver of all, hovering on the spot! You’ll finish your experience with the basic understanding of how to fly a helicopter and will have also taken the first step to your pilot’s license.

Whether’s it’s the first step to a new pastime or just an excuse to find out what it’s like to navigate the skies in the ultimate aerial hovercraft, this exciting introduction to helicopter flying with leave you on the ultimate natural high.

  • 60 minute lesson including ground briefing
  • One to one instruction with FAA qualified pilot
  • Incredible views over breathtaking Southern California
  • Take the controls and pilot the helicopter yourself
  • Counts towards a pilot’s license if you wish to continue training

This hands on flying lesson showcases the full spectrum of helicopter maneuvers, with you in control wherever possible. You will interact with the pilot via the headset and be able to guide the helicopter using a dual control system.
You should be in moderately good health and weigh less than 240 lbs to enjoy this experience.

Flying lessons take place all year round at regular intervals throughout the  day, subject to availability. Helicopter flying is weather dependent and flights may be postponed in adverse conditions.


- Introduction to your FAA qualified instructor

- Safety briefing

- Get into headphones ready to be briefed on the helicopter's controls

- Your flight starts from the time the engine turns over

- You will receive tuition throughout your flights

- Take the controls throughout flight and carry out maneuvers under guidance

You will be given headphones so that you can hear conversations between your instructor and air traffic control, and so that you can talk with your instructor. Once in the air, you will be able to take the controls but your pilot will generally undertake the take-off and landing. The helicopter is a remarkable aircraft and will astound you with its versatility.

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