fly plane LA Los Angeles Flying Lesson flying lesson LA

Fly a Plane, Los Angeles


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



fly plane LA Los Angeles Flying Lesson flying lesson LA

Learn to fly over Los Angeles

Find out what it’s like to take the controls of real airplane and enjoy incredible views across LA.

This is your chance to enjoy an unforgettable 60 minute introduction to flying in a dedicated trainer plane and experience the total freedom of navigating the skies with your hands at the controls.

Your lesson begins with Ground School under the guidance of an FAA qualified instructor where you’ll be given a briefing on the effects of control, flying techniques and safety before climbing into the cockpit ready to reach for the skies.

During your flying lesson, you'll carry out in flight maneuvers and experience the unique thrill of soaring over amazing LA views. Whether it's the first step towards your pilot's license or just an excuse to find out what it feels to experience the exhilaration of airplane flying, this aerial voyage of discovery guarantees memories to last a whole lifetime.

  • See LA as never before while actually piloting a plane!
  • 60 minutes of flight training and sightseeing
  • Total immersion in the flying experience
  • State of the art flight school facilities
  • One to one training with an FAA certified instructor

This unforgettable introduction to flying allows you to experience the thrill of piloting a plane. You'll be fully in control as you are challenged by your instructor to carry out all the pre and post flight checks as well as piloting the actual plane.
You should be aged 12 or over (under 18's need parental/guardian consent) and taller than 4'10".

Flights are available to enjoy all year round, at hourly intervals throughout the day. Flying is weather dependent and may be postponed in adverse conditions.


- Meet your FAA Certified Flight Instructor on arrival

- Spend time learning about pre and post flight checks as well as the effects of control
- You control the aircraft as you taxi down the runway and take off
- Carry out in-flight maneuvers procedures including talking to the control tower
- 60 minute flight with you at the control
- Post flight checks carried out on landing

Throughout your lesson, your instructor will guide you all the way. You will be told how to perform each maneuver as required, however it will be your hands on the controls! Every lesson is tailored to your requirements and skill level.

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