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Flight Simulator Experience, San Francisco





The closest thing to flying a real plane

Experience the thrill and total adrenaline rush of flying a plane without even leaving the ground! 

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to take your flying to a whole new level as you step into a 3 axis, 6 screen full motion simulator designed to totally immerse you in the flying experience. You'll feel every inch the pilot as you push the throttle, adjust the rudder and point your nose toward the sky before reaching optimum altitude. Reduce power as you coast and remember to keep an eye on your airspeed as you bank left over the landscape. 

This is your chance to practice real in-flight maneuvers under the guidance of an FAA qualified instructor and is as close to the real thing as it gets! Whether you're interested to become a qualified pilot or you just want to find out why flying is so 100 percent addictive, this full throttle adventure will give you memories to last a lifetime.

  • Discover the thrill of flying without leaving the ground
  • State of the art Redbird FMX flight simulator used in real pilot training
  • Learn the effects of control in authentic conditions
  • Carry out in flight maneuvers including take off and landing
  • Fly with a trained simulation pilot

This is a fantastic opportunity to get behind the controls of a full motion flight simulator under expert guidance. Carry out maneuvers and learn the use of instruments in comfort and safety.

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