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Zero G Flight, St. Petersburg


LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



Encounter zero gravity!

Experience total weightlessness with this incredible once in a lifetime Zero G Flight. You'll be floating as if you're in space and experiencing both the gravity of Mars and the Moon! Space is the new frontier and this amazing flying experience aboard a state of the art twin engined airplane puts you in the place of a real astronaut as you encounter zero gravity!

This amazing adventure is fully customized for your needs - either for pure fun, research or to shoot your own movie, and you'll be floating in the cabin alone! And with up to a dozen maneuvers, you'll be guaranteed at least a couple of minutes of mind blowing weightlessness on each flight!

  • You will float in the cabin during the zero g maneuver and will be weightless.
  • The duration of the zero g maneuvers are aproximately 10 seconds each.
  • Typically, you will experience between 10 and 12  maneuvers so you will have up to a couple of minutes of total weightless time during the flight.

The first maneuver will be a 1/3 gravity “Mars” gravity maneuver and then a 1/6 “Moon” gravity maneuver before the zero gravity ones. You can then follow the suggestions of the team as to which maneuvers to perform or you can call the shots, whether it is to play, research or to film. At all times, you will be closely monitored by the in-flight coach, and the team can film and photograph you during the flight should you so wish.

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