fly an aerobatic plane flying lessons in an aerobatic plane arizona phoenix aerobatic flight experience

Fly an Aerobatic Plane, Phoenix





fly an aerobatic plane flying lessons in an aerobatic plane arizona phoenix aerobatic flight experience

The high octane, white knuckle thrill of a lifetime

Dive, roll and loop the loop as you enjoy an exhilarating aerobatics flight that puts you in the pilot's seat.

Reach for the skies as you enjoy your very own airshow in which you'll have the chance to take the controls of an Extra 300L, the world's greatest certified aerobatics plane. The Extra is used by top aerobatic and air show performers world-wide and its abilities as a commercial dogfighting machine are second to none. The Extra can reach +10Gs, has a roll rate of 360° per second, and a climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm, making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky

If high speeds, extreme heights and white knuckle thrills sound like your idea of fun, this high octane adventure is tailor made for you!

  • You fly the plane and carry out actual aerobatic moves
  • Experience one the world's best aerobatic planes, the Extra 300L, in action
  • Up to 45 minutes flight time
  • Total duration 3 hours including briefing
  • No experience is necessary

You take the controls in this white knuckle ride that puts you in control!

Participants must not be taller than 6' 6” and weigh less than 250lb.  Customers must be aged 15 years or over and weigh more than 85lb.

All missions are flown in the Extra 300L, the world's highest performance certified aerobatic airplane, equipped with dual controls and a multi-view audio/video system that records every flight.


Check in

Upon arrival at the squadron, you will be greeted by friendly staff and introduced to your designated expert instructor pilot.


Enjoy a full briefing on the safety, the aircraft and effects of control


Enjoy an electrifying 45-minute aerobatic flight. Your mission begins with advanced handling and warm-ups, then progresses through aerobatic maneuvers from basic to the most advanced.

Your expert instructor will demonstrate how to fly each maneuver before giving you the controls to try the maneuver yourself! Keep it mild or push yourself to the ultimate in extreme aerobatics – you choose how far you want to go.

The adventure culminates in an exciting high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway to “wow” family and friends watching from the observation deck.


During your debrief, the instructor will give an overview of your accomplishments, play the in-flight video for all to view, and conclude by presenting you with a much deserved “Hero” photo. Your video is given to you to take home at the end of your experience

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