aerobatics flight, chicago chicago aerobatics flight aerobatics flight in chicago

Aerobatics Flight, Chicago


LOCATION: Sugar Grove, IL



aerobatics flight, chicago chicago aerobatics flight aerobatics flight in chicago

Take the controls, or just enjoy the experience...

Buckle up and hold on tight for the most exciting thrill ride known to man. Prepare for total sensory overload as you experience the mighty power of the Extra300L in a high octane full airshow routine that's tailored entirely to your requirements. Get a unique insight into an aircraft made famous for its aerial dexterity in the “Red Bull Air Race” and find out why the Extra300L is the world's fastest and most powerful two-seat aerobatic plane.

Experience at first hand what it's like to fly at plus or minus 10G's while travelling at speeds over 400 kph. This is serious fun for adrenaline seekers! You can dictate the pace, from mild to wild, on this incredible aerial adventure. We guarantee your feet won't touch the ground for weeks!

  • Experience first hand one of the world's most famous aerobatic planes
  • Flight tailored to your requirements - from mild to wild!
  • Take the controls or just sit back and enjoy the ride
  • 2 hour experience including ground school and 30 minutes actual flight time
  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age and weigh less than 250 lbs
  • You should be less than 6'2" tall
  • A video recording of your flight is available on request

The Extra 300L is a purpose built aerobatic aircraft capable of extreme aerobatic maneuvers.  It offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the ultimate in aerobatic flight!


- Meet your pilot

- Get to know the aircraft and see how the controls work

- Get fitted with headphones, followed by radio and system checks

- Exciting aerobatic flight tailored entirely to your requirements, from mild to  wild

- You’ll have the opportunity to take the controls or you can just enjoy the ride

- Landing and post flight checks

If you choose to fly the aircraft yourself your pilot will demo a maneuver and then talk you through it as you try it. The flight ends with a military style overhead break approach and landing back at the airport. Following the flight you can take pictures of yourself and your pilot with the aircraft. You can also have a video recording made of yoru flight which you can take home to share with family and friends.

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