be a fighter pilot in phoenix fly a fighter plane learn to be a fighter pilot

Advanced Air Combat Experience, Phoenix





be a fighter pilot in phoenix fly a fighter plane learn to be a fighter pilot

The ultimate fighter pilot experience

Have you got what it takes to take the title of ultimate “Top Gun”? Enjoy an advanced fighter pilot training program showcasing a series of three breath-taking head on dogfights and unlimited aerobatics.

Get ready for an authentic simulated adventure that’s as close as it gets to being a real fighter pilot. Learn the tricks of the trade from former fighter pilots and take the controls on the Extra 300L, one of the world’s best aerobatic planes.Carry out actual air combat maneuvers and put your skills to the test in head on air combat engagements that feel so real, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that the bullets aren’t! Hold on tight for unlimited aerobatics as you soar through the sky in a plane that’s truly in a class of its own.

Finish your adventure with some ‘lead and lag’ pursuits, complete with spectacular smoke effects before swooping back to base camp in a high speed, low altitude formation display that will leave your spectators on the ground gasping in awe.

  • 4 hour authentic fighter pilot adventure
  • Fly one of the world’s best aerobatic planes, the Extra 300L
  • Fly up to 3 head on engagements against an adversary
  • Unlimited aerobatics
  • Carry out a fighting wing tail-chase exercise
  • Culminates in a high speed, low altitude formation flight
  • No experience is necessary

You take the controls in this amazing adventure that teaches you the basics of modern air combat maneuvering, both offensive and defensive, in an actual simulated scenario.

Participants must not be taller than 6’ 6” and weigh less than 250lb.  Customers must be aged 15 years or over and weigh more than 85lb.

All missions are flown in the Extra 300L, the world’s highest performance certified aerobatic airplane, equipped with a gunsight, smoke, dual controls, true-to-life sound and a multi-view audio/video system that records every flight.



Upon arrival at the squadron, you will be greeted by friendly staff and asked to select a leather call-sign by which you will be known for the day. You’ll also get suited up in your flight gear


You’ll be given a full briefing on tactical air combat maneuvers by expert instructors and have the chance to ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Pre flight aircraft inspection

Meet your fighter pilot instructor and carry out a pre flight inspection before you are strapped into the cockpit


The flight profile begins with a formation take-off to the training area. This will include warm-up exercises such as advanced handling, weapons usage and basic aerobatic maneuvers.

Next up it’s “Fight’s On!!” for three adrenaline-pumping scored neutral head-on engagements against the adversary. The mission is culminated by splitting from your opponent to fly unlimited aerobatics under instructor guidance.

The flight is culminated with a thrilling three-dimensional smoke chase in which each aircraft alternates in “lead and follow” positions across the sky.

An exciting formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway marks your arrival back at base camp to greet the spectators waiting for you in the flight deck.


The mission is debriefed by recreating your tactical flight using the multiple-view video and in-flight notes evaluating shots and tactics. Your video is given to you at the end of the day.

The Extra 300L is used by top aerobatic and air show performers world-wide and its abilities as a commercial dogfighting machine are second to none. The Extra is stressed to +/- 10G’s, has a roll rate of 360° per second, and a climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky.

A quadruple-view digital audio and video system, with switching capabilities, enables the pilot to capture you and your aerial experience on a keepsake video you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Cameras are located on both wingtips, in the customer’s cockpit and a tail-mounted perspective to capture those really wild maneuvers first-hand!

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