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Exotic Car Drive, Atlanta

From $99



Atlanta's hottest exotic car experience

Get in gear for Atlanta's newest exotic car driving adventure as you take a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a 3-lap spin around an exciting autocross course.

Breathtakingly fast, visceral and addictive, these show-stopping marques boast unmatched looks, handling, and performance. Now's your chance to slide behind the wheel and experience a piece of driving perfection. Test your skills against a tight autocross course in a genuine Italian supercar and see why these beasts are worth every penny of their steep price tags.

Experience the effortless performance that these vehicles bring to the table. Equipped with technology borrowed from F1 cars and racing development programs, these beasts ooze power from every molecule. Open the throttle and drink in the roar of an Italian thoroughbred engine as you blast from corner to corner.

Feel what it's like to be a pro driver on a purpose-built course designed to showcase the performance and handling of your dream drive. This Atlanta exotic car driving experience gives you a new perspective on automotive perfection.

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